Short runs & small orders

We know for a fact that some of our competitors don’t like doing short runs and ‘one-offs’.  For some, it can be a real pain to set up machines for one item and then have to reset again for follow on orders.  At IMT Print, we welcome short runs & one-offs.  Not all print shops have as many garment decoration options available in house as we do.  We even have staff who only deal with the smaller orders.  Just because you might only need one or two items, doesn’t make you less important!
We have many customers who only need to order a couple of pieces at a time.  It’s good for them so they don’t have to carry expensive stock.  It’s good for us as we get to see the same customers again and again!


If you only need one or two pieces for whatever reason, pop by and see us.  We’ll explain the options available to you and all the costs.  As with other regular customers, if you start placing small orders on a regular basis, it is likely that we’ll produce a small stock of your design in anticipation of your next order – shortening the time you have to wait!

As mentioned above, buying your printing as an when you need it solves many problems for you about stock control, but it’s always worth remembering that if you are willing to order larger quantities, we’ll always offer discounts and price breaks!